Dear USA Taxpayers: my science is for you

Dear USA Taxpayers:

As a taxpayer funded scientist, having earned a competitive National Science Foundation Fellowship, I take my responsibility to serve the public and do my science for all seriously. This is why I take time and make it a priority to do outreach, like the talk I am giving tomorrow, to a high school in Pennsylvania via Skype. I want to be as transparent as possible in what I am doing, and to give back and inspire a new generation of scientists.

I am forever grateful for the funding I receive from the National Science Foundation, it has truly changed my life and made my PhD possible. I am earning my PhD to help inspire young girls, to be a role model and show that liking school and being smart are wonderful qualities. I am earning my PhD to bring science to non-scientists, to help share what it is we actually do as scientists. To show that we, like you, are people with jobs that we often love, and sometimes dislike. We have families, hobbies, and other interests and dreams outside of science. We come in all shapes, forms, walks of life, and expertise.

Doing outreach, sharing my love for science, my journey to the 21st grade, and the awesome stuff I get to do to study sea turtles is something that I truly love doing. Sharing my work reminds me why I do my work – to inspire, to reach people, to make the world better for all of us.

If I can be a resource for you, a teacher you know, or a child interested in science, please let me know.

Thank you, truly, for your support. My science is for you.


PhD Candidate, University of Texas at El Paso
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow


6 thoughts on “Dear USA Taxpayers: my science is for you

  1. Hi! I’d prefer it to please read, “Adapted from an/the/this* original letter written by Kathryn R. Wedemeyer-Strombel” instead of “adapted from the website of”

    *I can’t decide which word works best here 🙂 Thank you for checking! And a great idea for your outreach page. 🙂

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