Katie Wedemeyer-Strombel, Ph.D.

Portfolio | Resume | Academic CV

Award-Winning Online Education Content Developer
Award-Winning Scientist & Science Communicator
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow 2014-17

Professional Experience – Online Education Administration & Learning Design

I am on a mission to create positive change in education. I have 12 years of professional experience in learning experience/course design, education program management, content development, an interdisciplinary technical background, & a record of accomplishment in non-profit, academic, & corporate education sectors.

The Predictive Index: Persuader, “a risk-taking, socially poised and motivating team builder”

StrengthsFinder Top 5: Communication | Ideation | Achiever | Individualization | Activator

Belbin Team Role Top 3: Plant | Teamworker | Resource Investigator/Specialist

Science Communication:

I believe that translating research to the general public is an important part of being a scientist, and strive to bridge this gap – inspiring people to connect with nature and most importantly, to care about its conservation.

Graduate Student Advocacy:

I believe that graduate school should be intellectually challenging, but not traumatic. I have open, honest, conversations about academic struggles, including: mental health, work-life balance, changing labs and more. My hope is that we can work together across academic generations to drive systemic change in academia. 

Interdisciplinary Conservation Science:

I am a bilingual (English/Spanish) interdisciplinary scientist employing the social and natural sciences to inform conservation of endangered species. I am passionate about the respect and integration of local people in research and conservation, and am an advocate for ditching disposables.